European Property Awards, London: Award Winner
Interior Design Private Residence, Slovenia

European Property Awards, London:
★★★★★ Five Star Winner
Best Interior Design
Private Residence, Slovenia

Autors: Petra Zakrajšek, Tjaša Najvirt, Sara Hočevar
Date: 2016-2018
Photography: Miran Kambič

The apartment is part of the Situla building near the railway station in Ljubljana, capital of Slovenia. Known for its amazing and diverse landscapes, the whole country offers breathtaking views of Alps, the sea, meadows and pastures. Ljubljana as the capital of it is known for its beautiful medieval city centre, which is placed in the heart of green hills and moor with a castle watching over it. The newer architecture is woven into the city structure, giving it some mediteranean feel especially with works of famous Slovenian architect Jože Plečnik.

As the city spread into directions of the main roads leading into it, north of the city centre became an important intersection of many significant office buildings in Ljubljana. It is where the main bus and train station is located thus becoming very sought after for residential use also. Many multiresidential buildings were erected alongside the train tracks, the most recent being Situla.

The apartment is one of the two top (20th) floor penthouses that the building has to offer, with amazing views over the city - Ljubljana castle on one side and the Alps on the other. It is surrounded by terrace all around which opens the views even more. The railway station plays an important role for the whole building as it is located right under it, so it is highly affected by its noise and industrial view.

“When I entered the empty apartment for the first time, I was focused on the owners and their wishes - and apprehensions - about how this concrete rectangle would become a warm, individual home. I borrowed the keys and when I was up there alone so close to the sky, with the beautiful view of Ljubljana castle on one side and the Alps on the other, I was inspired to design everything like a river of lights, views and shadows, filling up the space and bringing life to the empty space between these walls. Our team had a great challenge. We needed to create a space which would be at once functional, beautiful, and interesting - while also following my intuition as a designer and a person, whose inspiration is life itself, with art its most glorious realisation.”

”The entire design of this penthouse from the beginning, to the last detail, followed the basic feeling of light coming inside and creating shadows of the objects, materials and patterns - which together foster an atmosphere which is modern, elegant and sophisticated. A place of walking lights one can call Home.” Petra Zakrajšek, founder of GAO arhitects

Apartment area: Interior: 234,84 m2 / Terrace: 66,15 m2 / Sum: 300,99 m2